Cherlton’s Guide now offers ‘One-Of-A-Kind Eco-Inspired Gifts’ that in many instances can be customized or handmade according to your specific preferences, tastes, and lifestyle.

It is our intent to make your Online Green Shopping an exciting and transformative “Have it Your Own Green Way” experience! Cherlton’s Customized/Made-To-Order E-Greenshoppe Selection now includes: ECO-EVERY STYLE! and ECO-RADIANT WEDDING GOWNS & ACCESSORIES!

Eco-Awesome Coffee,Tea,Wine, & Desserts

Eco-Chic Bags & Ethical Clothing for Women

Eco-Classic Decor, Novelties, & Handicrafts

Eco-Cornucopia of Books, CD’s, & More

“Eco-Easy” Organizers & Men’s Dress Shirts

Eco-Footwear, Sportswear, & Outerwear

Eco-Furniture, Rugs, Tiles, & Wall Art

Eco-Galore Baskets, Quilts, & DIY Crafts

Eco-Health, Wellness, Beauty, & Cosmetics

Eco-Novel Jewelry, Watches, & Eyewear

Eco-Purr-fect Gifts for Dogs & Cats

Eco-Stylish Party Props/Garden Party Decor

Eco-Tailored Toys, Games, & Kidstuff

Eco-Trendy Sports, Spa, & Travel Gear

Eco-Unique Soaps, Scents, & Fabric Gems

NOTE: We at Cherlton’s Guide are always on the Lookout for High Quality, Highly Creative, Individualized Hand-Crafted Products to Promote. If you are interested in Greater Visibility and Expanding your Customer Reach, please ‘Contact Us’ about our new Partnership Program. The four types of eco-merchandise we are seeking can best be categorized as follows:

1-“Eco-Originals”: New ecologically-sound products designed with minimal environmental impact during their entire life cycles.

2-“Eco-Recyled”: New environmentally-friendly products made through the processing or salvaging of used waste materials such as glass, paper, metal, plastics, electronics, and textiles.

3-“Eco-Reused”: The renewal of an old or used product by special treatment or restoration whereby it can be used again for the same function or purpose.

4-“Eco-Repurposed”: The renewal of an old or used product by modifying or converting the object/piece into a different product, format, function, or purpose.