Feature Story

Cherlton’s Green Knighthood Award

This, the First “Green Knighthood Award” – the First of its kind in the world – has been gratefully bestowed upon Mr. John Cox of ‘Orange Valley’ of Bermuda for his
thirty plus years of selfless acts of eco-cultural chivalry.

This honor has been given to Mr. John Cox for his fearless and unflinching support, maintenance, and documented dissemination of Bermuda’s eco-cultural connections and traditions in the face of today’s ‘Bluetooth’, fast-paced, modern world of sentimental-swatting cyber gnats,  ‘Tick’ video games, and Mosquito iPods.

As the author of ten culturally rich historical books including “Life in Old Bermuda”, “At Home in Early Bermuda”, “Bermuda Lore”, “A Tale of Two Houses”, and “Lords of the Marshes”, his books, much like their annotated footnotes, are neither inseparable nor inconsequentially delineated from Bermuda’s unique ecosystem.  Indeed, the biodiversity of plants within these stories allows us to step into the past right into Bermuda’s golden era of sailing.  They often offer ‘green’ clues into Bermuda’s role within the context of the British Empire – and still others the status of the Cox Family itself.

And as the 6th generation owner and curator of one of Bermuda’s finest national treasures – ‘Orange Valley’ – a priceless outdoor ‘eco-museum’ – we here at Cherlton’s Green Guide both recognize and applaud his exceptional environmental stewardship – ever mindful of the many generations of visiting friends and family to come.

To learn more about Mr. John Cox and his work at ‘Orange Valley’ – Please refer to the article posted June 30, 2011 on the ‘Blog Page’ of this eco-website:  “Looking for Buried Treasure and Family Ghosts With A Cup of Tea?  Meet the Curious Cox Curator of Orange Valley: the Eco-Cultural Green Knight of Bermuda!