Eco-Stylish Accessories & Gadgets Fit For The Next “James Bond” Movie!

November 11, 2012 by  

The latest installment of the James Bond film series – “Skyfall” – is now playing in American cinemas across the country with rapturous reviews. Having seen the movie myself and inspired by the newly appointed fictional character “Q”, here is a list of eco-stylish accessories and gadgets that now exist that might help James Bond out of tight situations in his next assignment as the world’s most stylish super spy!

1- Electric-Powered Car – Tesla – Model X — With its cool falcon wings and futuristic touchscreen dashboard, this car can go from zero to 60 miles in less than five seconds!

2- Electric-Powered Motorcycle – Mission Motors – Mission One — Utilizing a lithium-ion battery pack that charges under two hours, this super stylish scooter is able to reach 150 miles per hour and 100 foot-pounds of torque at any point between 0 and 6500 RPM!

3- Electric-Powered Seaplane – FlyNano  —   This Finnish designed single-seater carbon-fiber airplane can get over 80 miles per hour in the sky and land on any body of water with ease!

4- Electric & Solar-Powered Jet Board – Kymera – Kymera Bodyboard —   Shaped like an hourglass, this cool compact and lightweight looking surfboard can propel lifeguards and wave riders up to 18mph in the water! Due to be released in 2013!

5- Solar-Powered Airplane – Solar Impulse — This Swiss designed monoplane is currently able to cruise at 43 miles per hour with a maximum altitude of 39,000 feet and an airborne endurance rate of 36 hours!

6- Solar-Powered Pontoon Boat – Tamarack Lake Electric Boat Company – the Loon — This cool 22-foot long light-weight boat, capable of touring inland waterways, comes with a flexible interior configuration of removable side-rails made from bamboo, recycled plastic, and natural fibers and a retractable solar roof that can be lowered onto the rails.

7- Solar-Powered Luxury Yacht – LOMOcean Design – MS Turanor PlanetSolar — This German-built, New Zealand-designed catamaran is the world’s largest solar-powered ship ever built and the first sailing vessel to have circumnavigated the globe using solar energy exclusively.ûranor_PlanetSolar

8- Solar-Powered Dirigible (aka Spy Satellite) – Lockheed Martin – HALE-D acronym for High Altitude Long Endurance-Demonstrator — Still being perfected, this 130 foot long blimp will afford the US Army a 600 mile view of the earth allowing alternative options of military reconnaissance, intelligence gathering, environmental monitoring, and communications.

9- Solar-Powered Necktie — Researchers at Iowa State University are busy working on photovoltaic textiles and have come up with a cool solar tie fashioned in such a way that it can be used to charge a cellphone.

10- Motion-Powered Shoes – InStep Nanopower – Human Gait Energy Scavenger — This footwear-embedded energy harvesting device converts human locomotion (the motion of walking) into electrical power up to 20 Watts which in turn can be used to power mobile electronic devices.

11- Electric-Powered Roller Skates — These motorized electric skates can be strapped right over shoes propelling the wearer as fast as 8 miles per hour by means of two six inch rubber wheels on each skate.  The control for these skates is a handheld wireless remote which can increase speed or bring the skates to a gradual halt.

12- Solar-Powered Sunglasses – Yanko Design – SIG ( Self-Energy Converting Sunglasses) —
The lenses of these cool sunglasses have dye solar cells which turn sunlight rays into electrical energy able to power small devices through the power jack at the back of the frame.

13- Solar-Powered GPS Watch – Seiko Epson Corp. – Seiko Astron GPS Solar Watch
This cool Japanese-designed solar-powered watch can set itself to any of the 39 time zones on earth using a global network of GPS satellites and is accurate to within one second per 100,000 years.

14- Solar-Powered Men’s Shaver — Weighing in at only 105 grams, this sleek and portable razor with built-in solar panel and rechargeable lithium battery is perfect for the man on the go!

15- Pedal-Powered Submarine – Scubster — This sleek 11.5 foot long French-designed one-seater submersible has a twin-propeller system which can reach a speed of 5 mph and a depth of 20 feet which is great for exploration in rivers, lakes, and shallow ocean areas.

16- Pedal-Powered Superbike – Aston Martin – One-77 — This superbike features a “motorsport-derived data logging system” with over a hundred channels of performance feedback options accessible from its handlebar-mounted head unit including speed, temperature, rate of climb, power, respiration rate, core body temperature and electrical activity of the heart.

17- Hand-Powered Pocket Chainsaw — This pocket-sized 28 inch chainsaw in a tin can contains 124 bi-directional teeth that can cut a 3” diameter limb in ten seconds!

18- Invisible Bike Helmet –the Hovding — This Swedish-designed bike helmet is a folded up air bag with sensors hidden in a stylish collar which will inflate into a protective hood around the bicyclist’s head when triggered by an accident i.e. falling off the bike.


Have you any green ideas, insights, experiences of your own to add or share?